Trade Counter Software integrates all your separate trade counter processes into a specialist, easy-to-use software. It links together with your accounts, invoicing and stock control, meaning you can save hours of time on admin.

What trade counter software does (in a nutshell):

  • Auto-calculates trade prices
  • Creates customer-specific pricing
  • Helps you negotiate with customers
  • Auto-emails VAT invoices
  • Generates and save quotes
  • Prints delivery notes

Auto-Calculate Trade Prices

If you have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of products, how do you make sure the prices are kept up to date?

Simple! Our trade counter software tracks the cost prices of your products and calculates your selling prices based on the margin you choose to make.

Category level pricing (e.g. all fixtures and fittings) means you can set a standard margin for a range of products, or individually set margin levels per product; you still have all the control, it’s just implemented more efficiently.

trade counter software - price setting

Set Pricing At Customer Level

With customer-specific pricing, each customer is assigned to a price band which will set their pricing structure.

But, if you have customers who purchase certain products in bulk, have a bespoke pricing option, or if you offer products at a fixed price, you can override the default when you need to.

We also have some other clever ways of calculating your trade prices:

  • Quantity Breaks– You can easily input up to five levels of discounts.
  • Category Discounts- Set discounts off the retail price, rather than mark-up.
  • Manual Price Setting- Tell the system exactly what you want to sell the product for.
  • Ad-Hoc Negotiation- Using our haggle feature on the trade counter (yes, we have a haggle feature, and we’ll tell you about it shortly. Or maybe we won’t, it depends on how well you haggle…)

Email VAT Invoices Automatically

How much time do you spend sending invoices to customers? If you have to set aside a specific time, it’s too much.

With our trade counter software, there is no need! It will automatically email a VAT invoice to your customer’s email address every time they make a purchase.

With the time you’ll save, you can get something productive done, have a cup of tea, and clear down some emails

trade counter software - invoice design example

Generate Quotes In An Instant

Do lots of your trade customers ask for quotes for specific jobs? Not a problem – it’s as easy as calculating a standard quote.

All you have to do is select the products required for the job, and then store these against their trade account to be converted later.

Easily retrieve saved quotes

The list that you store against their account then generates a quote which you can instantly print or email.

When they are ready to place the order, you can simply recall the quote, convert to an order and dispatch the goods. It’s so easy – it’s basically cheating.

trade counter software - generate quotes

Print Delivery Notes When You’re Ready

This all-encompassing software even prints delivery notes for orders being shipped or collected in batch.

From here, your people can pick and dispatch the orders, or they can load onto vans with a goods dispatch note to be signed by the customer on delivery.

Tailored reports as standard

You can even arrange the items on the delivery note to show large items first when you are loading the vans!

It just makes the whole process more efficient, and it allows your staff to be more productive and driven as they won’t be frustrated with a clunky delivery system – everyone wins!

Negotiate With Your Customers

Do you get customers who say, 'I can get this down the road for X'? And you’re so tempted to say, “Yes, I know, Dave, so why don’t you go and get it from there, then?” But then, you might have lost Dave forever.

So, yes, you could just turn down the sale, or you could use our haggle feature to ensure you don't miss out or lose a customer.

Make sure your making profit

Haggle will show you the cost price and profit of your chosen product(s) instantly on screen.

From here, you can move the margin up and down, or change the selling price to see what margin you would make. Unless Dave’s just trying it on, in which case, quote him even more.

See Instantly What You Need To Order

Have you ever miscalculated a stock order because you’ve had to amalgamate the quantities of several different items? And the really irritating thing is that you can’t blame anyone else, not even Dave?

Problem solved: stock re-order enables you to predict what you need to order across all your products at the same time, rather than per supplier.

So, you only need to input your overall quantity, and the system will automatically generate a purchase order per supplier, ready to be emailed or phoned in.

The purchase order listing section then shows your expected deliveries per supplier, meaning you can plan your resource easily.

Take control of your warehouse too

Our warehouse management system allows you to easily scan in deliveries, and it’ll match back to your original order to make sure everything has arrived.

We also wrote a blog - Warehouse Management Software: How it can change your life.

Link With Your Existing Accounts Software

Our trade counter software has full two-way integration with market-leading accounting software, so you don't have to duplicate data between systems. We link with;

Always in sync

Customers, suppliers and stock data can be synced with your existing systems, so customer invoices and payments are posted back to the accounts, automatically.

Don't have an accounts software? No problem, we have our own back office accounting solution.

Would you like to find out more about how trade counter software can save you time, resource, and offers a great return on investment? How about talking to a human? Just get in touch, anytime, and we’ll be happy to help.

Sorry if you’re name’s Dave – we didn’t mean it.

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