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Just think; right now you could be benefiting from warehouse management software which links to your accounts. It keeps your stock, sales orders and purchase orders in sync for you. So, your admin and finance teams don't need to duplicate data or run manual processes.

We know it sounds too good to be true, but these solutions are out there, right now, waiting to change your life (that’s not even an exaggeration).

Software in general is changing the way you operate your business, every day. So, why not take it that step further? Don’t be reactive to trends – get ahead of them, and see how much easier you can make your day-to-day life.

Mobile Warehouse Management Software

Gone are the days of outdated stock guns with small screens. Our solution uses robust tablet devices which can run multiple jobs at the same time, and you can see far more data on screen.

warehouse management software

Advanced Stock Taking

Ahh, stock-taking – everyone’s favourite job. Our solution lets you select the products that need to be counted by product ranges, stock categories and Bins. You can even ask for a random selection of products; very useful with line checking!

Choose when you want to stocktake

Stock takes can be sent for counting today or set for a later date. Finally, messaging allows your people to receive notifications when a stock take is due, but more on this later.

Live Stock Enquiries

Get a complete overview of stock records to see current stock levels.

Plus, you can query stock activity, to see what is on purchase order or tied to a sales order, meaning fewer miscalculations or under-ordered items. Pretty nifty, right?

live stock enquiry

Goods Receipting

First of all, warehouse staff can scan deliveries and check the products match the order. And our colour coding system will raise an alert if there are any issues. So, rather than find out about an issue days or even weeks down the line, you can tackle them straight away.

Choose who can update stock levels

Once items are scanned, stock levels are updated within your accounts software. Alternatively, they can be passed to a manager to approve, if you prefer.

Sales Order Picking

Our solution enables you to sync your orders and send them to the tablets for picking. As your staff then scan the items, they’ll be alerted if the wrong products or quantities are entered.

Save money by always sending the correct products

You know what that means, right? You’ll never again send out the wrong products to your customers. How much hassle, time and money will that save your customer service?

The system even includes route sequences, allowing you to choose how the orders should be picked Why not take a look at our warehouse management software page to find out more.

Intelligent Route Picking

Your picking sequence is pre-decided based on your preferences. Staff will know where they need to go straight away due to the system’s Bin Location data, so they can work more efficiently.

Pick multiple orders at the same time

And, while we’re being efficient; the system’s Mass Picking alert means that staff are given a heads-up to pick for other orders whilst already at a relevant Bin.

warehouse management software - bin location sequence

Location Transfers

You can use our software to transfer stock between any location, so you’ll have an overview of where stock is at any one time.

Track stock that's on the move and make sure it all arrives

In-transit is also supported, allowing you to pick stock from one location and scan it at the other end; making sure everything matches. That saves you a whole lot of hassle when it comes to moving stock around.

Fulfilment Requests

Sites can ask for stock to be sent from another location. Messaging (more on this shortly) will then let the location know which products to send.

From here, your people can scan and pick the request to make sure the correct products and quantities are being sent.

Built-in Messaging System

Our in-built messenger means there is no more need for hundreds of emails or third-party apps for your messages. Plus, it’s safe and secure, so you massively reduce the risk of a security breach through a bogus email.

Alert staff of assigned tasks

AND, it allows you to send messages to any device(s) or staff member(s). You can use messaging to advise staff every time you’re running a stock take, or if there’s a request that requires their attention.

Warehouse Management System - Messaging

True Offline Capabilities

We understand that stock can get stored virtually anywhere, whether it’s a metropolitan city centre, or somewhere remote, even isolated.

So, for locations without comprehensive Wifi or data coverage, the software enables you to work offline and re-sync when back in range.

Accounts Software We Integrate With

This fantastic software links with;

But, if you don't have accounting software in place, we can help with that, too! Maybe you should take a look at our back office accounts software which is ready for Making Tax Digital.

Is there anything we don’t do? Not really. To find out more about our all-inclusive warehouse management software, which integrates with your current accounts solution, and gives you a one-stop-shop for all-things EPOS, stock control, and eCommerce, just get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to help!

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