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How often are you currently having to duplicate all of your data entries across EPOS, stock, accounts and online ticketing?

Chances are, you’re spending a lot of time doubling-up on work; time that could be better spent looking after your customers and planning for the future of your business.

Now, with DigiTickets fully integrated with your other systems, you’ll save time, money, and probably a whole heap of stress as well!

Sell More Tickets Online

Our DigiTickets EPOS solution means that you can sell event tickets quickly and easily online. In fact, you can sell tickets from pretty much anywhere; online, through EPOS, or over the phone. Plus, however, your customers choose to book, they get a consistent experience and will receive an instant booking confirmation by email.

Tailored to your brand

This is what your online ticket sales would look like (obviously a little less Jugo):

digitickets epos ticket sales

But, you can make sure you deliver a platform your customers will recognise as your own! The team at Digi will fully brand your portal to incorporate your logo and company colours; it’s all included in the setup and means you can maintain a consistent brand across all of your systems.

Increase Membership Upgrades

But there’s more to your events and website than selling tickets. DigiTickets also handles memberships, both online and through our advanced EPOS integration. Why not up-sell a standard admissions ticket to a membership and increase revenue?

Unlimited number of membership types

Plus, it’s configurable to however you run your memberships. You can create an array of different membership types, all with varying expiry dates and limitations on the number of visits and people per ticket.

Never Overbook an Event Again

Create your events online, and instantly sync them with your POS. Based on date and number of people attending, users can then check availability of events, and are given a list of options, or alternative dates if there is no availability.

Customers can book from anywhere

With our Digitickets integration, customers booking through a till point can quickly check availability and book using a user-friendly grid view.

Take a quick look at our video to see this in action.

Cross-sell Shop Products Online

You no longer have to double-up on your data entry when it comes to your stock and online store. With the latest version of our integration, you can sell products through your website and map these to stock codes using our stock control software.

Everything is in sync

Stock levels of products will automatically reduce as they are sold, and you can report centrally on product sales. It’s synced up to both your ecommerce and EPOS systems, so it updates stock levels regardless of where it’s been sold.

Live Validation Of Tickets

Make entry to your events quick and painless, through our simple scanning system. Your customers can avoid lengthy queues, as your staff can simply scan the customer’s ticket (we absolutely support smart phone scanning too) to validate. From here, staff can view details of the ticket and even renew a membership if it has expired.

Secondary Spend Reporting

In the latest release (we’ve been busy – there have been a lot of new features added in v3.7!) we now also send secondary spend details to DigiTickets back office. This applies every time a customer scans their ticket, or membership card, through any Digi enabled till point.

Get a complete view of your customers

Whether they are buying retail items or a cup of coffee, this data hits their CRM account, allowing you to track much more than just ticket sales.

Link With Your Accounts Software

Events can be hard enough to run, so we’ve found a way to simplify the financial side of things.

Regardless of whether you have sold online, over the phone, or through an EPOS till, all sales data is sent directly to your accounts package, so there’s no secondary data input and no risk of miscalculation.

It includes all sale types - online direct debit payments and renewal – so your accounts are always kept fully up-to-date with every sale.

We also have our own back office accounts software where you can also manage your stock if you don't use one of these systems.


The whole package saves you an enormous amount of admin time, so you can make better use of your time and resource. No more doubling-up on data entry; no more angry customers at overbooked events. Just straightforward, simple ticket sales with DigiTicket integration.

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