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Welcome to our overview of our Xero accounting software integration. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software used by 500,000 businesses in the UK and nearly two million worldwide. It has been described as ‘the new kid on the block’ by FD Works and currently integrates with some 700+ apps from payroll to CRM and EPOS to stock control to name a few.

One of Xero’s key features is its ability to easily integrate third party software and apps, to help make your life a whole lot easier. Your business can streamline your daily operations and stop wasting countless hours and funds duplicating data or outsourcing it to a bookkeeper or accountant

At Jugo, all our EPOS and stock control solutions integrate with the major accounts packages, so it’s a natural fit for us to link into Xero accounts.

xero integrated solutions

What information do we integrate with Xero?

Good question! The short answer is pretty much everything! We sync down from Xero, so it gives you or your finance team control over who can add new customers or suppliers before they are available for use.

You can also configure Xero to work in line with however you work best - from reporting to your chart of accounts - and you can structure everything before your operations staff can create items and allocate them.

With Jugo and Xero, you can sync:

  • Customer contacts
  • Supplier contacts
  • Expense accounts
  • Revenue accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Tax rates

So, let’s get into it – here’s how it all works…

EPOS in harmony with Xero

Keep everything in sync with Xero

If you’re already up-and-running with Xero, integrating is a breeze. Once connected, Jugo's Xero EPOS will automatically sync all your data and continually update to keep your data current.

If you’re not currently setup with Xero, no problem! Xero is quick and easy to set up, and we can help with importing data along the way.

Never allocate products to incorrect codes

Once you’re all set up, you can start creating items to sell and track. Xero works to make sure you never input duplicate or incorrect codes, as you can only ever assign your items to codes which exist in Xero.

This means you can avoid import errors and you don’t waste any time trying to figure out exactly where an invoice or purchase order should be posted.

nominal codes

Feed sales data into Xero

Once transactions start taking place, invoices are automatically created in Xero and sent out to your customers. From here, Xero’s automatic statements and reminders will handle the rest, so you can sit back and think about all the admin work you have saved!

Generate customer invoices with ease

Here it is in 4 simple steps;

  1. Your customer completes a transaction
  2. A VAT invoice is emailed or printed automatically
  3. This invoice is then shown on their Xero account
  4. Xero sends statements and email reminders directly to your customer


Post your retail transactions too

What about your walk-in retail customers? Creating invoices in Xero is great for your trade or on-account customers where you want to track each and every transaction, but historically, businesses have had to capture details for every single one-time customer.

The reality is this is difficult, laborious, time-consuming, and ultimately it just doesn’t happen. But no more! We class these unnamed transactions as ‘retail till sales’. We simply create a customer in Xero and send retail transactions over to this account. You can even choose if you want to batch them per day or split them out one invoice at a time.

Automatically post your banking totals

Accounts in Xero are mapped to tender buttons at the till, meaning the cash total goes to the cash bank account and the card button total goes to the Worldpay account (other merchant accounts are available!)

What’s more, invoices are auto-balanced and receipted if they match, so there is no need to manually check each retail transaction at the end of the day.

Take account payments and update Xero

Although the majority of payments from customers will come in online though BACS payments (and then sit really neatly in Xero’s bank reconciliation tool – we’re a big fan of the green boxes!), you will inevitably have customers who want to simply pay in-store. No problem! You can quickly and easily take customers’ payments through our EPOS system, which are then automatically posted over to Xero, ready to be allocated to invoices. Plus, your till operators will be prompted for a payment reference from the customer to make that whole process simpler.

Stock control linked with Xero

When it comes to inventory management, you’ll find Jugo’s stock control system complements Xero perfectly.

Using our fully-integrated, intuitive tool, you can create products within your system, maintain pricing and attach images to your stock items, ready to be sold through your Xero-integrated EPOS system.

Centrally manage your stock records with Jugo

Plus, there are hundreds of key product field options available, so the system can adapt perfectly to any type of business:

  • Stock Code
  • Description (6 lines)
  • Inactive status
  • Stocked status (stocked or non-stocked)
  • Stock category
  • Sales account (Xero Revenue Account)
  • Purchase account (Xero Expense Account)
  • Costing Method
  • Cost Price
  • Sell Price
  • VAT inclusive status
  • Tax rates
  • Bin location
  • Linked supplier
  • Part number
  • Supplier lead time
  • Re-order levels
manage stock records

Know exactly what you need to order

Once your products are loaded in (these can be done manually or through Excel uploads) you can assign your supplier for each product, and the optimum level you should order.

For example, if you set a minimum stock level of 100 units, you will be prompted to order once your stock level falls below this level. Part numbers, lead times and alternate suppliers can also be assigned to products, keeping all your information in one place and making it far easier to generate and send purchase orders to your suppliers.

Make sure your stock arrives before making payment

When stock starts arriving, you can simply recall your original order and check that everything matches. Partial deliveries, back orders and under-delivered items are all tracked, and you can make changes to the original order at any time.

Post completed orders to Xero, ready for payment

As soon as your delivery has been matched, you can approve the invoice which will then be posted against the corresponding supplier account in Xero as a bill, ready for payment.

If a supplier sends several invoices for a single order, it’s not a problem, you can simply split the deliveries and post them separately to Xero.


As you can see, there are many major benefits to be gained from integrating your EPOS and stock control solutions with Xero. Not only does it remove the need to duplicate data between multiple systems, but it also reduces the chance of making errors, and significantly streamlines your day-to-day operations.

How much of a difference would it make to your business if you never had to manually create invoices again? How much time would you save on a weekly basis knowing what you need to order, matching deliveries with orders and then posting the bills directly to Xero for payment?

Jugo are on hand every step of the way

What’s more, Jugo’s expert team are here to help with the setup, configuration and training process. Before you even get started, we’ll take a look at how the business currently operates, make sure Xero is a good fit and consult on the best way forward.

We can even assist with migrating your existing data from other accounts packages - such as Sage and Quickbooks - as part of the project.

Find out more about how Jugo Systems’ suite of retail, trade counter, warehousing and events software can help you save time, resource, and stress in your day-to-day operations.

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