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A lot of suppliers are finding they’re losing business or haemorrhaging resource through inadequate or manual accounting solutions which can’t keep up with their customers’ needs. Sound familiar? Are your current systems preventing you or your customer(s) from moving to a cloud solution? The idea of copying your accounts to a new system sounds like an ordeal, we know.

But now, Xero have partnered up with a useful tool to allow all Sage users to easily migrate their accounts – for free! Here’s how it works…

Copying your accounting history from one specialist software to another can be time-consuming, complicated and daunting for some - even for the experts! However, Xero have made things easier for everyone. In partnering with Movemybooks, your accountant or Xero expert can efficiently and safely convert all of your Sage data straight into your fresh new cloud-based system, hosted on Xero.

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But why are so many customers considering the move to Xero? On top of cloud hosting, Xero offers multi-user access in real-time, online, which provides clear overviews of your financials, without the concerns of backing up and data security. As it is run completely online, you can access your accounts from anywhere, without arduous installation processes, and with free automatic updates.

Some might ask if Xero is better than Sage – find out more here

What are the costs?

It’s free! Xero covers the cost of conversion for up to two years’ worth of data. This means all transactions for your current year-to-date, plus all of the previous accounting period. If you’ve got more than two years of accounts data, a small cost of £60 + VAT per year will get you all the required transaction history. At an extra £60 + VAT, you can also include all Sage department information, which is necessary for many businesses.

What is Movemybooks?

Movemybooks is online software that provides useful, pain-saving tools for accountants and Xero experts. The software allows your Sage (or Quickbooks!) company to seamlessly migrate all data over to Xero’s cloud platform. Years of historic data can be extracted and converted (using the strongest encryption), creating a new Xero organisation without the need for manual copying between different systems.


What data gets converted?

On conversion, Movemybooks will move all data into a pre-set, blank Xero organisation template, which includes:

  • Customer Contact Information
  • Supplier Contact Information
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account Balances
  • All Unpaid Sales Invoices
  • All Unpaid Purchase Invoices
  • Customer Balances
  • Supplier Balances

What data doesn't get converted?

The Movemybooks tool converts the key information required for your accounting system, but there are several data types that aren’t copied over, such as:

  • Products & Stock
  • Quotations
  • Sales & Purchase Orders
  • Report Templates
  • Default nominal codes, payment terms or tax rates
  • Deleted or cancelled transactions

If you are concerned that you will lose all your product records and stock figures that you spent hours of time setting up in Sage, Jugo can help! Our stock management system integrates seamlessly with both Sage and Xero. So, once you’ve converted your Sage data into Xero, we can export the product and stock information you require, allowing you to carry on producing quotes, orders and invoices for the products you’ve been selling. The system then posts directly into Xero to keep your financials in sync. For more information on Jugo’s stock management system, click here.

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Things to consider before transitioning to the cloud

Movemybooks state that – with incredibly large databases – some problems can occur, which may be unfixable. So, you might need to consider a different route if your source data has in excess of any of the following:

  • 40,000 combined invoices, bills and credits
  • 40,000 bank transactions
  • 2,500 credit notes allocated to invoices
  • 10,000 contacts
  • 600 chart of account codes

Further to the above, if a 0% reverse charge VAT rate is being used in your Sage account system, this cannot be converted when moving to Xero, therefore the transactions using the rate will be incorrect. Following the conversion, the tax rate can be added manually, however all transactions using this rate will need to be amended individually.


The steps to accounts migration are simple but important. The below is a simple six-step process, which should be adhered to before and after conversion, to ensure a smooth move to Xero.

  1. Make sure your Sage customer and supplier accounts are up-to-date, ready to be picked up again once converted to Xero.
  2. A full data backup has been actioned using the Sage backup function.
  3. A Xero subscription has been set up with a blank organisation, awaiting the data.
  4. Data restoration/migration to Xero completed using Movemybooks.
  5. All information converted has been checked over and validated for your start with Xero accounts.
  6. Connect your apps, integrate with your solutions, and share with your accountant.

Jugo can help, too. We are experts in both Sage and Xero, so if you don’t know where to start, and your accountant doesn’t want to get involved, get in touch and we can ease you through the process.

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