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Ever been in the situation when you’ve negotiated with a customer, and ended up dropping your prices too far? Don’t worry – everybody does it.

Haggling is an occupational hazard when it comes to trade counters, and it can end up doing some serious damage to your profits if you take it too far.

Don’t lose money with blind discounts

Not looking at profit levels before applying a discount is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s great if you can gain those extra sales by offering some discount, but are you making any money?

Trade carefully with tight margins

Giving a 10% discount on items with a healthy profit margin isn’t going to break the bank. But, it’s a different story on product lines where margins are tight, and you may only be making 3% at best.

Jugo’s Haggle feature lets you see the exact margin you are making on each item, so you know how much room you have to play with…

What exactly does Haggle do?

  • It shows you exactly what profit you are making
  • You immediately see how much discount you can give
  • You can quickly adjust selling prices based on profit
  • It automatically checks that your discount won’t result in a loss
  • It helps you account for loss leaders within the transaction


Making a loss for the greater good

As the old saying goes, ‘you gotta spend money to make money’, so although in business you want to make a consistent profit, there are occasions where you may take a hit on a single product line for the greater good. With Haggle, you can see how making a loss on a single item will affect the transaction as a whole; giving you all the information in one place.


Discounts for retail customers

Haggling works for walk-in and retail customers, too. You can clearly see standard retail and trade prices on screen, before making informed decisions on a discount.

Everyone has been there – ‘I can buy this product for X down the road’, which can force you into lowering your prices way too far. But maybe, just sometimes, not all business is good business, and you need to make money after all. At least with the Haggle feature, you know you have made the right decision every time.


Jugo Systems’ Haggle feature gives you quick and easy access to live cost prices and profit margins, so you can make a decision on what to discount, there and then, with all the information you need at your fingertips.

This innovative tool can help you keep your sales up, and your profits high! Explore a little further with our list of everything you need to know about trade counter software.

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