Bookkeeping is often considered one of the most complicated and tedious elements of owning a business, but it doesn’t have to be. By integrating your point of sale (POS) with online accounts software, you can take away the stress of managing your finances in an instant.

Here’s how!

Cut costs

SMEs are estimated to spend thousands each year accessing advice and expertise to help organise their accounts, but there’s online software on the market available for a small monthly fee. By integrating your POS with your accounts software, you can remove the need for employed financial help and make huge savings.

Save time

Accounting integrations will allow you to automatically sync data such as sales, stock, timesheets and more. By streamlining the admin process between your POS and accounts, you can free up time that would have otherwise been spent on lengthy and daunting admin.

Minimise errors

If you’re managing piles of paperwork and endless spreadsheets, it’s inevitable that errors will be made. If you integrate your accounts with your POS, it’ll take care of the calculations for you, giving you peace of mind that your data will be synced automatically and accurately.

Better insights

Using the power of the reports that can be generated by your POS and accounts software, you can gain insights into valuable information that can be crucial to the growth and success of your business. Configuring stock data and monitoring your sales will allow you to carefully track your margins and give you an idea of trends in the market too.

Here at Jugo, our POS solutions link with some of the most popular market-leading accounts software, including Sage and Xero. To find out how we could help drastically change the way you manage your finances, get in touch on 02382 002134.

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