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Sage 200 Integration

Seamlessly link EPOS, Warehouse Management & Ecommerce

Our advanced technology automatically syncs stock, pricing, customer and supplier information with our solutions and Sage 200 accounts.


Simple, intuitive software that syncs stock, pricing, customer and supplier data with Sage 200 automatically.


Control stock in and out of your warehouse, from goods receipts to transfers, from sales order picking to stocktaking.


Keep stock levels and products in sync with your online platforms whilst downloading orders for picking and dispatch.


Project exactly what you need to order based on sales trends, stock in-hand and generate the purchase orders in Sage.

Location Transfers

Track stock currently in transit between locations and scan out one side and in the other to make sure everything arrives as it should.


Easily create and count stock using tablet devices for any part of the business before reviewing and reporting on the results.

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Sage 200 EPOS

Automatically sync your stock, pricing, customer, supplier and financial data with Sage 200, without the need for manual intervention.

Transactions are posted back to the accounts software as often as required. Sales orders, invoices, credits and payments are all posted to nominal and banking codes, removing the need for any kind of double entry.

Pricing and discounts

Sync stock prices, bands, customer price lists and discounts with Sage 200 and choose when or who these should be applied too.

Create location or till level discounts such as multi-buys, buy X for X and volume breaks. These can be configured to run during certain days, months or times.

Customer accounts and payments

Lookup customers, check balances or credit limits and automatically apply discounts and price bands to transactions, as configured in Sage 200.

Take payments or issue credits directly at the till point and allocate these to their customer accounts as sales receipts or credit notes.

sage 200 integration
sage 200 warehouse management

Sage 200 Warehouse Management

Inventory and warehouse management in sync with Sage 200 accounts. Designed to give you tighter control of your stock, minimise lost revenue and maximise cash flow.

Order forecasting allows you to predict exactly what stock you need to order based on historical sales trends, outstanding orders and stock-in hand. You can also account for supplier lead times and stock availability days.

Pick and dispatch orders

Segment sales orders based on urgency or delivery due date and allocate to devices for pickings. Route sequences ensure that orders (or multiple orders) are picked in the most efficient way, removing the need to return to the same locations.

Process stocktakes with ease

Choose exactly which items or locations need to be counted when the count is due and who is responsible for making sure it's completed.

Select items based on a range of products, categories, suppliers or bin's and choose whether the current stock figures are available on-screen during the stocktake. Once counts are complete you can review the results, instantly generate a re-count or update Sage 200 with the stock figures.

Transfer stock between locations

Send replenishment requests to any location with the built-in messenger. Transfer requests are scanned out of one location and into another to make sure everything arrives as it should. Stock can be transferred directly or placed in transit, allowing you to see and value stock throughout its journey.

Sage 200 Ecommerce Integration

Sync products, stock levels, customers and pricing with your online store, removing the need to duplicate data and ensuring you never sell products you don't have in stock.

Instantly download new orders

New orders are sent to Sage 200 as sales orders, ready to be picked and dispatched by warehouse staff. As orders are shipped your website is updated with the new order status, allowing you to alert customers that their order is on its way.

Payment totals are also posted back into the accounts software along with associated postage and packing costs.

B2B Sales

Link one or more Sage 200 companies with new or existing eCommerce platforms. B2B sales are supported as standard, allowing customers to order online at their agreed pricing, charge a credit account and even pay their account balances.

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ebay integration

Why Customers Choose Jugo


Project management, installation and configuration are always included. We don't expect you to do it by yourself.


First-class training for all staff members, covering everything you need to know. Always on-site and face-to-face.


Jugo is always on-hand when you need us and support is unlimited. No hidden charges, just great technical support.

How Everything Links with Sage 200

sage updates jugo

Sage Updates Jugo

  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Stock levels
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Financials
jugo updates sage

Jugo Updates Sage

  • Sales orders
  • Sales invoices
  • Sales credit notes
  • Customer payments
  • Customer refunds
  • New customer accounts

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