Self-Service Kiosks

Reduce queues, increase sales and manage social distancing effectively

Improve efficiency & Customer Service

We can provide attractions and museums with a range of self-service kiosk hardware as an alternative to face-to-face interactions.

Instead of long queues at the lunchtime rush, customers can now quickly order food for eat in or takeaway using the latest self-service technology.

Increase Sales

On-screen prompts available for options such as meal deals and to upsell products.

Stock Control

Integrated with our Stock Control solution so you can keep track of what’s sold and what you need more of.

Social Distancing

Minimise contact between staff & customers and reduce the need for cash onsite.

Reduce Queues

Status lights on the self-service kiosks allow staff to quickly see who needs assistance.

Accounts Integration

All of our solutions seamlessly link with your chosen accounts package.

Improve Customer Experience

Visitors hate standing in line, but hungry visitors hate it twice as much. Streamlining the order process with technology reduces wait times, completes transactions faster and keeps your customers happy.

Our systems can provide customers with detailed information, including pricing and nutrition, so they no longer need to chase down a staff member or cause a queue at the tills.

Sell More

Eliminate the need to train employees to consistently offer upsell opportunities. With self-service kiosks, upselling is automatic!

Add-ons can be easily displayed to customers, increasing the likelihood that they’ll add toppings, a side, or choose a meal deal.

Enhanced Order Accuracy

Kiosks eliminate human to human miscommunication, helping reduce food wastage at your business.

Customers can easily review and double-check their orders, just to make sure it’s 100% correct.

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