Stock Control System

Take control, gain visibility and reduce stock losses

Intelligent Stock Control Software

Know what you need to order, and where your stock is located with our integrated stock control solution.

Keep track of what’s sold, where it moves around the business, and what you need more of, all without paper processes.

Centrally manage products from pallets to cases and from individual units to assembly items.

Automatically suggest purchase orders based on sales trends, minimum stock levels and stock in-hand.

Assign orders to devices, create route sequences and ensure the correct products are dispatched to customers.

Create immediate or scheduled stock takes and choose which products to count, or select at random.

Request and transfer stock between locations or instantly move stock with direct transfers.

Instantly update your online channels with changing stock levels and download orders for processing and dispatch.

Stock Take Counts

Goods Inwards

Location Replenishment

Sales Order Picking

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