Stock Control Software

Take control, gain visibility and reduce stock losses

Intelligent Stock Control Software

Know what you need to order, and where your stock is located with integrated stock control software.

Keep track of what’s sold, where it moves around the business, and what you need more of, all without paper processes.

Centrally manage products from pallets to cases and from individual units to assembly items.

Automatically suggest purchase orders based on sales trends, minimum stock levels and stock in-hand.

Assign orders to devices, create route sequences and ensure the correct products are dispatched to customers.

Create immediate or scheduled stock takes and choose which products to count, or select at random.

Request and transfer stock between locations or instantly move stock with direct transfers.

Instantly update your online channels with changing stock levels and download orders for processing and dispatch.

Manage Inventory

Real-Time Reporting

Instantly see your free stock levels, what customers have on order and what is due in from suppliers.

Unit of Measure

Order in bulk and split into smaller units for sale or track stock right down to 7 decimal places.

Assembly Items

Build products from components and automatically down stock and update cost prices as they change.


Centrally manage and tailor your pricing for individual customers, by location or based on quantity sold.


Ecommerce integration ensures stock levels and orders are always in sync.

stock control software


Purchase orders

Forecast exactly when you need to order based on previous sales trends, outstanding orders and stock in-hand.

Goods receipts

Scan deliveries and match against the original order to make sure the correct products and quantities have been delivered.

Batch ordering

Suggest purchase orders across all stock items at once, rather than manually per supplier.

Partial receipts

Only update stock levels for the items that have arrived, keep the order open and book in additional stock as it arrives.

Invoice approval

Authorise supplier invoices once deliveries have completed and pass to our/your existing accounts software.

Pass for authorisation

Goods receipts and adjustments can be passed to a manager to check and authorise before updating stock levels.

Stock Taking

Scheduled counts

Create immediate or schedule stock takes for a future date and alert staff with the in-built messenger when they become due.

Specified or random

Choose exactly which products should be counted or select a specified number of items or percentage at random.

Seen or blind

Choose whether the users and devices performing the counts can see what should be in stock.

Re-count stock takes

Review count results and create new stock takes for items with variances or select your own criteria.

Report instantly

Review results on stock take status including, items counted, variances and uncounted items.

Sales Order Picking

Segment orders

Assign sales orders to devices for picking by a user, due for dispatch today, overdue or urgent orders.


Generate picking lists manually, by location group, by next x items or by customer.

Bin locations

Assign sales orders to users and temporary picking bins or assign them to multiple users based on bin ranges.

Serial and batch numbers

Determine picking based on FIFO when using batch and serial tracking (accounts software dependent).

Route sequence

Streamline picking routes for efficiency and pick multiple orders comprising of the same products automatically.


Request stock

Send replenishment requests directly to head office, warehouse or store with the in-built messenger.


Receive requests and pick before dispatch to ensure the correct products and quantities are transferred.

In-transit mode

Scan stock out of one location and into another to make sure everything matches and arrives ok.

Direct transfers

Easily move stock with straight transfers and direct movements.

Movement reporting

See exactly where stock is located and when it was moved or value stock based on location.

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