Warehouse Management Software

Gain visibility and control of your warehouse operations

Manage Stock, Forecast And Dispatch Orders

Make your deliveries and dispatches easy and efficient with Jugo’s warehouse management software.

With our system, you can see what’s due for delivery; quickly scan deliveries as they arrive, and be alerted to any discrepancies there and then.

Inventory Management

Centrally manage your inventory and share data between your existing systems.

Stock Control

Complete visibility of all stock movements with support for unlimited stock locations.

Sales Order Picking

Efficient pick routes and order matching makes everything run more smoothly.

Stock Re-Ordering

Intelligently order stock based on sales trends to ensure you always have just the right amount.

Location Replenishment

Request and transfer stock between locations with full audibility.

Inventory Management

Barcode Scanning

Use supplier barcodes or generate and print your own and assign it to inventory items.

Product Images

Assign images to products, allowing staff to quickly identify the correct items.

Split Packs

Order in bulk and split down to smaller units such as cases and individuals.

Assembled Products

Build or manufacture selling items from components, labour, and free issue items.

Advanced Reporting

View margins, profits, and valuations for individual items to the entire business.

warehouse management software

Stock Control

Booking In Stock

Speed up the receival process with supplier barcodes or generate your own.

Sales Order Picking

Pick and dispatch customer orders in the most efficient way possible.

Stock Taking

Count any portion of the business with scheduled stock takes and variance reporting.

Supplier Returns

Return products to suppliers and automatically adjust stock levels.

Location Transfers

Move stock in and out of an unlimited number of locations and even track what's in transit.

Sales Order Picking

Device Assignment

Segment orders by their due date, urgency or those that are overdue, before sending to tablet devices for picking.

Intelligent Picking

Create route sequences that will allow staff to pick products for orders more efficiently.

Grouped Orders

Consolidate multiple orders during the picking process so you don't waste time re-visiting the same locations.

FIFO Picking

Always make sure you are picking the oldest stock when tracking batch and serial numbers.

Dispatch Notes

Quickly generate delivery notes which can be printed or emailed.

Stock Re-Ordering


Look across the entire business and suggest what needs to be ordered, not just one supplier at a time.


Place orders based on the minimum and maximum stock levels, taking your re-order quantities into account.

Average Sales

Overlay your average daily sales for the last X number of weeks and predict what you need to order.

Last Year Comparison

Compare your sales to this time last year and increase your order levels based on business growth.

Purchase Order Creation

Automatically create purchase orders and post these back into your accounts software.

Stock Takes

Goods Receipts

Sales Order Picking

Location Fulfillment

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