Wholesale & Distribution

Intelligent stock, order and warehouse management software

At Jugo, we’re specialists in wholesale software. From trade and retail transactions to stock control, and ordering. We’ve got you covered in one, single, easy-to-use solution.


Manage products from pallets to units and everything in between, or build assembly items with bill of materials (BOM).


Centrally manage customer pricing using price bands, discounts, markups and quantity breaks which are applied automatically.

Pick & Dispatch

Constantly update warehouse staff with new orders, segment, then pick and check before sending for dispatch.

Forecast Orders

Order just the right amount of stock to fulfil customer orders, reach minimum stock levels and plan for demand.


Seamlessly link with your existing online platforms to download orders, whilst keeping stock levels and customers in sync.

Unlimited Warehouses

Track and transfer stock between warehouses with location replenishment requests and direct transfers.

Wholesale Inventory Management

Unit of Measure (UOM)

Order in bulk to get the best price and sell in any unit.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Create selling products from component items.

Stock Taking

Simplify the stocktake process with mobile tablet devices.

Inventory Reporting

Report on stock levels, margins, and profitability.

Unlimited Locations

Track and transfer inventory with full visibility.

stock control software

Sales Order Processing


Combine your orders from all channels and manage centrally.

Route Picking

Sequences help staff pick orders in the most efficient way.

Bin Locations

Easily locate products by assigning them to BIN's.

Prioritise Orders

Segment and dispatch urgent orders or those that are due out today.

Dispatch Notes

Quickly generate and print or email dispatch notes.

Purchasing Stock

Intelligent Ordering

Suggests what inventory needs to be ordered based on;

  • Current stock levels
  • Sales trending
  • Outstanding sales orders
  • Pending purchase orders

Goods Receipts

Scan deliveries and instantly match with orders to make sure everything has arrived.


Receipt goods and pass to management for approval, before updating stock levels.

Order Matching

Easily identify mistakes with live colour coding of scanned items.

Invoice approval

Completed deliveries can be passed to finance for approval before payment.

Price Management

Banded Pricing

Assign customers to price bands based on discounts and markups.


Configure discounts at a category or product level.

Quantity Breaks

Incentivise customers to purchase in bulk for a discount.

Customer Price Lists

Tailor product pricing to a group or individual customer.

Supplier Price Lists

Manage prices from your suppliers as well as customer pricing.

Ecommerce Integration

Online Channels

Integrate Jugo's wholesale software with your existing platforms.


Quickly add new inventory items to your website.


Sync customers, including balances, credit limits, and pricing.

Sync Orders

Download orders and pass financial information to your accounts software.

Dispatch Orders

New orders are passed to the warehouse for picking and dispatch.

woocommerce integration
shopify integration
magento integration
amazon integration
ebay integration

Stock Takes

Goods Inwards

Picking and Dispatch

Location Replenishment

Why Customers Choose Jugo


Project management, installation and configuration are always included. We don't expect you to do it by yourself.


First-class training for all staff members, covering everything you need to know. Always on-site and face-to-face.


Jugo is always on-hand when you need us and support is unlimited. No hidden charges, just great technical support.

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