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At Jugo, we’re specialists in wholesale software. From trade and retail transactions to stock control, and ordering. We’ve got you covered in one, single, easy-to-use solution.

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Whether you’re looking for a new EPOS system, a new stock control system or are looking to review your business software, simply drop us a message and we’ll be in touch to give you some free advice and a no obligation quote.

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How Can We Help Wholesale & Distribution businesses?

Our range of software solutions for wholesalers and distributors include KCPOS for connected EPOS, KC Smart Stock for intelligent stock control and KC Smart Link to connect your online sales with your accounting software. With this combination of solutions we can help wholesalers and distributors streamline their processes, understand their business better than ever before and increase their sales.


EPOS Software

Our advanced EPOS software solutions allows you to Centrally manage customer pricing using price bands, discounts, markups and quantity breaks which are applied automatically.

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Stock Control

With our KC Smart Stock solution you can manage products from pallets to units and everything in between, or build assembly items with bill of materials (BOM).

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Ecommerce Integration

Our Ecommerce integration system seamlessly links with your existing online platforms to download orders, whilst keeping stock levels and customers in sync.

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KCPOS Success StoryAspatria Farmers

Aspatria Farmers was first established in 1870 by two local farmers. The organisation sold feeding stuffs and manures, checking them to ensure good quality, 36 years before the government put their own similar checks and guarantees in place. The new EPOS solution also needed to be fast, reliable and able to cater for the wide range and high volume of products the organisation supply. The system needed to allow the organisation to operate in both retail and trade modes from the same till.

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When choosing an EPOS solution, a key factor for Aspatria Farmers was the ability to record the serial and batch numbers of all veterinary supplies in stock.

Mike Tinnion, Aspatria Farmers

Find Out More About KCPOS

KCPOS is a powerful EPOS system which focuses on accounts integration, stock control and flexible functionality making it a perfect fit for retailers, trade counters and wholesales who need tight control over their inventory, pricing and reporting.

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